Nov 7, 2011

James Bond is Back

One tidbit of information I’ve been waiting for since late 2008 is the title of the next James Bond flick.  True to producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson’s intent, I’ve been treating the Daniel Craig movies like the series re-boots they’re intended to be and have been thoroughly pleased with the results, especially after the debacle that was Pierce Brosnan’s last outing, “Die Another Day.”

I’m happy to report that last week the BBC announced the new 2012 film’s title and it is (drum roll, please), “Skyfall.”  Plain, simple, unique and if we believe what’s being said, it will carry some sort of subtle emotional meaning from the story.  I like it and as a bonus I didn’t have the initial “huh?” reaction that followed hearing “Quantum of Solace.”  “Casino Royale,” nice classy Bond title, “Quantum of Solace,” hmm…a bit odd, but it’s unique and also borrowed from one of Ian Fleming’s short 007 stories so we’ll go along with it and now “Skyfall.”  Will this name be simple enough to finally have a Bond theme song that uses the film’s title again? (The last two were, “You Know My Name,” and “Another Way to Die”)  Who knows, but if the Bond team keeps up what they’ve been doing as of 2006, who cares?  At least I’ll be happy.

Wikipedia has an article already for “Skyfall” and a Google or Bing search will pull up at least half-a-dozen articles relating to production which just started filming this month and it sounds like they might try to make this entry a bit more special since 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the franchise with 1962’s, “Dr. No.”  There’s already talk of an attack on MI6 headquarters so you know something major’s going down.

When talking about James Bond, the inevitable question everyone asks at some point goes something like, “so…who’s your favorite James Bond?”  Personally, that’s a split question because Roger Moore has my favorite Bond movies like “The Spy Who Loved Me” and “For Your Eyes Only” and I enjoy his pompous, but capable portrayal of an elitist spy.  I was also exposed to his movies first as a kid while watching TNT’s Bond Marathon around the time “Goldeneye” was released in 1995 so they have a sentimental place in my childhood memories.

Daniel Craig though is rising very, very fast in my opinion and when his run is through I suspect he’ll become my favorite.  Why?  Because so far his first two films have been great and he’s the only actor that I can watch as James Bond and feel a bit freaked out by in the sense that he’s truly a “dangerous man.”  I’m sure a lot diehard fans would scream heresy at me for not automatically picking Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan, but my response would be the same as Daniel Craig’s from the scene in “Casino Royale” where the bartender asks whether he wants his vodka martini shaken or stirred.  Either way, shaken or stirred, who cares as long as it’s 007!

Who is your favorite James Bond actor and which is your favorite movie?

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia