Aug 2, 2011

Facebook Getting into Ebooks?

It’s impossible to swing a baseball bat these days without hitting a company that’s getting into eBooks.  Amazon’s Kindle of course leads the pack, Barnes and Noble is working hard to gain more market share with the Nook, Apple is starting to finally get serious with the iBookstore (I disagree with Steve Jobs’ comment that Americans don’t read because quite a few of us still do) and although Google has an online bookstore, it too is also partnering with another company (iriver – I know it’s the company’s name, but it still sounds to me like a rip-off of an Apple  product lines) to launch an eReader.

Now there are rumors Facebook may consider jumping into the pool as well with their recent acquisition of Push Pop Press, a digital bookmaker for iPhone and iPad.  Of course Facebook denies that sort of intent, but as a company that’s looking for ways to expand its social platform, adding eBooks to its plans to increase movie streaming might not be a bad idea.  Check out the article here from the New York Times.

Who knows how this will pan out for Facebook and eBooks, but either way it should be fun to watch.