Feb 16, 2011

New NASA 3-D Solar Photos

Amazing Photos of the Sun
From Time.com

I was reading through Time magazine online today and came across the following 3-D photos taken by NASA's new Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).  Times have really changed for the U.S. Space Program.  The space race with the Soviets ended a few decades ago and one could argue that NASA's popularity peaked with Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission and has been declining ever since.

With the Space Shuttle program also set to retire in the near future and the replacement Constellation Program cancelled (although the Orion capsule, a throughback to the Apollo-style spacecraft still remains intact), NASA and the U.S.'s future space endeavors in general look somewhat bleak, although one could predict that with the rise of China and their ambitions for space travel there could eventually be a resurgence of interest in our own space program.

The photos in the gallery caught my attention and I felt a certain sense of awe and amazement at just how impressive our sun is and the critical role it plays in our solar system's existence.  I really hope American's don't lose total interest in space because there are so many cool things we've found and still have yet to discover.  I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for sure!