Feb 17, 2011

I'll Have My Soup to Gou

Hot Soup
Book Review

I won’t lie to you.  The first thing I noticed about this book is the cover and it’s lovely, lethal leading lady.  They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I just can’t help liking this book already!  Okay enough of that, otherwise I’ll start to sound like an offender.  One piece of advice generally given to indie authors is to have an attractive cover that will catch the reader’s eye and that’s one item this book can check off the list.  Okay, now I really do have to stop talking like that (slap myself across the face).

Seriously though, “Hot Soup” is a lot of fun and is by Robyn Paterson, the driving force and talent behind the well-done Kung Fu Action Theater, homage to Chinese Martial Arts Fiction and related stories using the podcast medium.  “Hot Soup” is written in that vein, detailing a particular adventure involving Little Gou (pronounced "Go"), a trouble-making martial artist, gambler, and do-gooder when needed, as he finds himself dragged into a series of challenges involving a local gangster, royal princess, and a cadre of angry adversaries ready to tear him limb from limb.

In terms of length and format, “Hot Soup” reads more like an extended short story or novella, but that’s just fine as the intent is to go through a series of events, kind of like watching a couple of scenes from a good action/comedy film.  There’s plenty of action and the situations and fight scenes cheerfully felt a bit like watching a Jackie Chan film as I caught myself chuckling every few pages.

True to the nature of Robyn’s Kung Fu Action Theater, he has also produced an audio version which is just as fun as the book, adding its own layer of creativity with sound effects and music tossed in.  Fans of Wuxia a.k.a. Chinese Martial Arts Fiction will definitely appreciate this addition to their collection as will anyone looking for a relaxing good read and a few laughs as well.

To quote Carl Douglas and Vivian Hawke, “Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting!” (Cue the 1970’s guitar and flute).

Hot Soup is availabe on Amazon Kindle